Event Creation

How can I create an event?
Go to evenium.com Click on Login or My Events if you're already logged in.  Create your account if necessary  Click on the green Create an Event   ...
Is it free to create an event?
Yes! Create your event for free now at evenium.com.  Note that registration fees apply to open events. 
What information do I need to create an event?
Name An event date A location for the event.  You can change these items later if needed.
How do I duplicate an event?
Go to evenium.com Click on My Events on the top right Click Create an event, then select the organizing entity under which the event you wish to duplicat...
What’s the difference between Evenium Net and ConnexMe?
Evenium Net is our simple registration platform you can use to create and manage your events, registration forms, agendas, badges, sell tickets, send invita...