How to integrate Google Analytics

The Evenium/Google Analytics integration will give you insights into your event revenue and the registration funnel. This includes ticket revenue breakdown per source (email, organic search, social networks), type of tickets sold per source, revenue per discount code, time spent for each registration step, etc.

This integration uses the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) tags to send all page views and ticket orders to the Google Analytics database, so you can benefit from all GA4 reports available in the GA back office.

This integration works if you are using our built-in event website, or if you integrate the registration module into your own event website.

    - This integration is NOT compatible with Google analytics UA tags that will be deprecated in July 2023.
    - This integration does not support a GA4 tag included in Google Tag Manager. Even if GTM is setup in your website,
 to gather Google analytics from your event, you will need to start at step four seen below.


Click to create a GA4 tag.  Note for the data stream, choose the “Web” platform.

Google will create a measurement ID or what we will call a GA4 ID that looks like this: G-XXXX

Setup for the built-in Evenium event website

1.      Connect to your Evenium back office

2.      Click the Configuration tab

3.      Click the Event Website block

4.      Click the Settings tab in the top right corner, then Web Analytics, then type your GA4 id

Setup if you embed the ticketing module on your page

1.      Go to Backoffice > Configuration tab > External integration link

2.      Type your GA4 ID in the “Google Analytics 4 - measurement ID” field of the Trackers section


Note: If you want to set a GA4 tag ID for all future events, you can set it at the entity level:

1.      Go to your event list

2.      Click on the Administer button next to the entity name

3.      Click on the Modify link in the Organizing entity information block

4.      In the Google Analytics 4 - measurement ID field, type your GA4 tag

5.      Click Update

Steps to Collect Data from Google Analytics Reports:

Important: there is a delay of 24 hours before Evenium data is displayed in Google Analytics reports; however, you can see real-time data (for the last 30 minutes) in the Realtime report under the Reports menu on the right side of the screen.

To access the reports, first log into your Google Analytics account.

For the Revenue breakdown per source report, do the following:

1.      From the menu on the right, click Reports

2.      Click Engagement

3.      Click Conversions

For a more detailed report:

1.      From the menu on the right, click Reports

2.      Click User acquisition

For a revenue per ticket report:

1.      From the menu on the right, click Reports

2.      Click Monetization

3.      Click Ecommerce purchases

For a revenue breakdown per discount codes report:

1.      From the menu on the right, click Reports

2.      Click Monetization

3.      Click Monetization Overview

4.      Click View order coupons to have a more detailed view